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Once you have an account, feel free to edit or change any page or article. The "official" to do list can be found on bottom half of the main page, or you can even just search for "todo" on the wiki and go from there.

There's a few other things listed on the front page. "Empty pages" have been referenced/linked to, but currently don't actually exist (these show up as red links when reading the wiki).

"New page ideas" is an open list of pages that we would like, but don't currently have. This is a good place to start if you're an expert on a topic.

Pages that need improvement should be self-explanatory. Not the best place to start but you're an awesome human if you work on these pages.

Need to be updated are pages that may be relevant to a current or ongoing topic, and have new developments that need writing about. Another good place to add stuff that's in the news!

I want to create a new article!

I want to upload a bunch of images at once!