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Wonkpedia is a project to document nonproliferation, arms control, and other OSINT work. It seeks to fill the gap between well-researched blog posts, twitter threads, group discussions, and other open-source information, as there's currently no central repository for these topics.


Wonkpedia was created in October 2021 after a few years of consideration. From there, it reached over 25 articles by the end of the month and continued to grow from there.

You may notice many parallels to the RationalWiki in the style and layout of some pages. That's not on accident! Much of the light-hearted tone and wiki structure were inspired by it.


  • 10/15/2021 Wonkpedia created
  • 11/25/2021 Front page reaches 1,000 views

Bias on Wonkpedia

One of the best things about Wikipedia is the goal to strive for an unbiased, neutral tone. It's one of the reasons it has the wealth of accurate information it does. However, this creates some limitations in the scope of thinking in terms of the Arms Control field. For one, it reinforces the existing status quo against nonproliferation. For another, it doesn't allow you to categorize speculation or bleeding-edge research in the field.

Wonkpedia has no such illusions of being unbiased on Arms Control. In other words: Wonkpedia is explicitly in support of Arms Control. This isn't to say that debate or neutral analysis of issues is discouraged: we seek to properly enumerate different positions on arms control, but we are under no illusions that a nuclear war can be won, or that the current "status quo" of nuclear strategy is sustainable forever.